Dr. Sivtsov is one of the leading addiction psychiatrists in San Diego. He is known for his novel approach to treating the patient, meeting the patient and family where they are, creating personal protocols for patients with complicated clinical pictures. He is also in the forefront of treating patients with dual-diagnosis conditions, which includes depression or bipolar illnesses, which run a parallel course with addiction. Dr. Sivtsov has been able to help many patients with complicated stories. Over the past ten years, he has treated several thousand patients, many of whom have enjoyed long-term sobriety and have been able to rekindle their lives, both professionally and personally. Dr. Sivtsov had been on the clinical staff of one of the premier facilities for addiction treatment, Casa Palmera, located in Del Mar for over five years. He is still warmly remembered at Casa Palmera and enjoys a reciprocal relationship with them and many other intensive outpatient, partial, and residential programs throughout the Southern California area and beyond. Dr. Sivtsov is a big believer in adopting new technologies in the treatment of addiction disorders. He is one of the select few dual-board certified psychiatrists in the region that treats addiction disorders utilizing TMS, long-term anti-craving medications, including Vivitrol, and enjoying partnership with the Active Recovery Program, a solution that will guide the patient personally, treat the patient in their home, take them to meetings, and other techniques to ensure that the patient is staying on their program. Dr. Sivtsov appreciates the collaborative approach between his practice and the treating therapist(s) to ensure that all possible avenues for recovery have been looked at, explored, and walked and that no stone has been left unturned. He does not hesitate to use any tool in his toolbox of the dual-board certified psychiatrist and would not be satisfied until the patient, their family, and himself shake hands on the most feasible, yet aggressive treatment plan, that addresses both immediate and long-term outcomes.


In regards to the aforementioned Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment (TMS), Dr. Sivtsov has been able to consult with the best research scholars in the United States and abroad, who have been involved in utilizing TMS for the treatment of alcoholism, cocaine and methamphetamine addiction, cannabis addiction, tobacco use disorder, and other commonly encountered habituated illnesses. As such, he is familiar with the most recent and frequently successful TMS protocols that he includes in his comprehensive treatment methods.