Dr. Sivtsov has been in practice since 2006, more than ten years and counting. He is a big believer in the mind-body paradigm and as such, would make sure that every possible underlying physical condition has been ruled out as a potential culprit for a psychiatric abnormality that affects the patient. Genetic testing, food sensitivity tests, a full hormonal panel, are just a few of the modalities that Dr. Sivtsov is actively using as a part of his thorough initial evaluation. He will then become the gatekeeper for the patient’s case, collecting information from sources that he refers the patient to and interpreting the information gathered from such sources and discuss it with the patient. He will, together with the patient and their family, as well as the patient’s psychotherapy team, develop a thorough protocol to treat the patient’s condition, tailoring the number of visits necessary to what the patient really needs. Dr. Sivtsov is mindful not to rush patients, taking his time with each individual that seeks his help. To that extent, he devotes several days per week to spend time researching the most accurate academic literature on the case. This includes receiving collaborative data being sent to him from providers, makes phone calls to the patient’s therapist to ensure continuity of care between providers, and do whatever is necessary to boost his knowledge, as many of the situations he has observed are atypical.