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Dmitriy Sivtsov, MD

Diplomate of American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Diplomate of American Board of Addiction Medicine


The choice of whether or not to seek treatment can be a difficult one. Dr. Dmitriy Sivtsov not only understands the effectiveness of expertly balanced treatment, but also the harsh and often irreversible damage of misguidance. He is gifted with a naturally open mind and is able to connect with his patients as a companion. There is a therapeutic ease in his interactions with patients that helps build trust and allows for all sorts of exploration within conversation. Dr. Sivtsov’s vast amount of professional experience has provided him a thorough understanding of the many facets in treating addiction.


Dr. Dmitriy Sivtsov, who is Board Certified in General Psychiatry, whole-heartedly believes in the importance of a balanced treatment system for his patients. Dr. Sivtsov delivers a progressive recovery system by utilizing a group of medical doctors, therapists and when needed accredited addiction specialists in his treatment protocol.




Dr. Sivtsov was born into a family of psychiatrists in Saint Petersburg, Russia. From a young age, Dr. Sivtsov was exposed to the eye-level medical book that he could take off the bookshelf in his dad’s library. The son of a child psychiatrist, Dr. Sivtsov grew up making friends with several of his father’s patients who suffered from mental health disorders. This direct personal involvement helped familiarize Dr. Sivtsov with mental illness and ultimately led him to follow in his family’s footsteps. Upon reaching adulthood, Dr. Sivtsov enrolled in the renowned St. Petersburg Medical Academy and began his academic journey toward becoming a physician.


Academic and Professional Work:


At the age of 27, Dr. Sivtsov was invited to San Diego to work on an extensive research project carried out at UCSD. He was then accepted to Harvard Medical School in 2002, to start his internship training in psychiatry as well as in different fields ranging from internal medicine to neurology. Dr. Sivtsov finished his professional training at UCLA Psychiatry Residency Program, but his heart called him back to San Diego. He accepted an associate professor position at University of California at San Diego, where he could utilize his true passion of patient interaction as well as the clinical application of his studies. Dr. Sivtsov took an assertive approach and focused on “teaching and community” psychiatry, in which he effectively educated his students while simultaneously treating the homeless and underserved. He became a founding member of the non-profit organization International Center for Behavioral Health, which has its goal in providing professional mental health services to underserved communities in San Diego area and beyond.


In 2007 Dr. Sivtsov opened his own private practice in La Jolla, California. Always having an interest in the field of addictions, he then accepted position of the attending physician at the well-known residential treatment center, Casa Palmera in Del Mar, CA. In 2013 the private practice was complimented when Silverlining has become established as a cohesive group of similar minded practitioners with passion to help people.


Since opening his practice, Dr. Sivtsov has been acknowledged with awards such as the Patient’s Choice Award (2010-2014), Compassionate Doctor Recognition (2010-2014), OnTime Doctor Award (2014), and Top Ten Doctor (2014). 

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Karla Jessen, CMA

Karla Jessen holds her degree in Occupational Studies, Medical Specialties/Sciences, and she is a Certified Medical Assistant.


Ms. Jessen works at Silverlining Psychiatry as a TMS Lead Technician and Medical Assistant. She treats each patient with personalized attention and delivers TMS treatments on a daily basis.


Ms. Jessen is a mom to two wonderful kids. Having fun and discovering new places with them is her priority outside of Silverlining Group. She is also passionate about different foods and working out. 

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