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SILVERLINING℠ continues to be a cutting edge provider when it comes to the advancements in modern psychiatry. 

According to several reputable clinical studies and our own experience, each failed antidepressant reduces the chance that the next one will work any better. After having tried and failed two to three antidepressants, the chances of treating depression with medication becomes progressively low. This form of depression has been called treatment resistant depression or TRD*. Both TMS and Spravato® are indicated for TRD. The focus of this page is on Spravato®.  


Early in 2019, the FDA approved Spravato®, a form of intranasal spray ketamine, for those suffering from treatment-resistant forms of depression*. SILVERLINING℠ was the first clinic in San Diego to register with the Spravato® manufacturer. Despite the difficulties imposed by COVID-19 regulations, we’ve continued to support those in need of the Spravato® life-saving protocol. We are grateful to our committed staff and generously spaced facilities, which has allowed us to become one of the largest providers of Spravato® in the San Diego area.


Learn more about Spravato® and if you qualify for this effective depression treatment option.


*Treatment Resistant Depression or TRD

Depression affects up to 25% of the American population during their lifetime and is the 3rd cause of morbidity and mortality in the US, after cancer and cardiovascular conditions. Of those afflicted by depression, approximately 30% develop TRD**. This term is used for Major Depressive Disorder that does not readily respond to antidepressants and/or talk therapy. There is no one consensus about it but generally speaking, if a person with depression tried and failed (that is did not feel better or could not take the medication secondary to the side-effects) two antidepressants from two different families of medications, their condition qualifies them for Spravato® treatment.



**J Clin Psychiatry 2021; 82(2):20m13699

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