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See what our patients say about us:

I appreciate Dr. Sivtsov's scientific approach to his field of medicine. Too often medication is dispensed with a "trial and error" approach. For the first time in over a decade, I feel that someone took the time to listen to the experience I was having on a specific medication. He immediately tested and found that my liver was processing that medication much faster than it should. I'm on new medication and feeling much better. Thank you, Dr. S.


I would like to use the analogy that Dr. Sivtsov is like finding a needle in a haystack. Almost impossible. From the moment Dr. Sivtsov walks in the room he puts you at ease. You never feel rushed and talking to him comes very easy. He works with you to get your medication dosages just right. 

It has been my pleasure to be treated by Dr. Sivtsov. 


Having lived with mental illness most of my adult life, I have been under the care of several psychiatrists over the last 30 years. Dr. Dmitriy Sivtsov is the only doctor who took a thorough medical history going back to the onset of my symptoms as a young adult and he was the only psychiatrist to properly diagnose my condition. He was very detailed in developing a treatment plan for me that included a holistic approach. Because of Dr. Sivtsov, I am able to live a productive life and my symptoms are controlled. Dr. Sivtsov has been my psychiatrist for ten years. If you want a doctor who is committed to your overall health and uses the most current treatment and technology options to heal you, then you should make an appointment with him.


I have worked with Dr. Sivtsov for over 5 years now and I wouldn’t trust my mental health care with anyone else. He is well-trained and knowledgeable but more importantly, personable, approachable and trustworthy. He takes the time to listen to my concerns and offers a collaborative approach to seeking a solution that will be in my best interest. When a question or concern arises between appointments, he is responsive to my inquiries and always helpful. I am extremely grateful to him and the team at Silverlining Psychiatry for always supporting  my mental health needs. I highly recommend Silverlining Psychiatry.


I just want to thank you so much your help this year! Dr. Sivtsov and Karla have been such a blessing in getting my life back from a place of misery to a place of gratefulness, even when I have those moments of sadness, between taking fewer medications that work, utilizing TMS, and having another ear to hear me out for advise. I am so thankful that my therapist referred me to you! 


Dear Dr. Sivtsov, Karla, Ashley, Crystal: I will never be able to thank you enough for helping me out of that "dark" place. Most of all, thank you for all your kindness.



My son is progressing wonderfully; amazingly.  Shockingly well.  Unbelievably well.  He is 100% different, and he is changing quickly. He is happy, smart, well-adjusted, insightful, helpful, empathetic and cooperative. And pretty stable.  My GF and I are completely blown away. He calls me “dad” again. He is less jaded about the world. He has pictures of himself proudly holding a cousin’s baby on his phone. He’s smart and intuitive.  Honestly, I would never have believed that anyone could progress this far at this speed. He knows everything is different now. I am so thankful for your intervention and wisdom.  You have given him his life back – truly.  The meds he is using now seem to be working well. His weight is stable and he wants to start hiking with us.  Amazing.  Thank you for everything. He thinks very highly of you.  I think you have quite literally saved my son.


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