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  TRICARE Approved  Mental Health Provider

SILVERLINING℠ is a designated TRICARE provider and has been approved to carry out mental health evaluations and treatment for TRICARE Prime and Select beneficiaries. This includes family members covered by TRICARE insurance as well as retirees. When it comes to treating TRICARE beneficiaries, SILVERLINING℠ is your primary choice as a behavioral health practice in the San Diego region.

Serving the families of the US military is a significant and meaningful responsibility. Providing support and care to military families is essential, as they often face unique challenges and sacrifices. It's important to ensure that their healthcare needs are met, and having insurance coverage like TRICARE helps in that regard. SILVERLINING℠ is an in-network provider under your TRICARE plan, same as a Navy Clinic you may have used to visiting for your healthcare needs.  Family members using TRICARE insurance and seeking care at SILVERLINING PSYCHIATRY℠ would pay the same affordable cost-share as they would at any Naval Branch Health Clinic.


Depression and anxiety specialists at SILVERLINING℠ take deep pride in caring for the families of the servicemen and women of the US military forces. 

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